Lawmaker says NFL tried to influence brain injury study

Georgia residents may have heard that there were government investigations underway into the relationship between football and brain injuries. On May 23, New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone alleged that the National Football League had tried to pressure the National Institutes of Health to stop a researcher from working on the project.

Treatment of playground injuries in emergency rooms rising

Georgia parents may want to more closely supervise their children on playground equipment. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a study in the online journal Pediatrics that shows a significant rise in playground head injuries treated in emergency rooms. Researchers say one reason for the increase might be greater awareness about the dangers of these types of injuries.

Fewer trucks involved in fatal accidents in 2014

Georgia motorists may be pleased to hear that a federal road safety agency has found that there were approximately 5 percent fewer trucks involved in a deadly crash around the United States in 2014 than in the previous year. There were 3,921 trucks reported to be involved in fatal accidents in 2013, but only 3,744 were found in 2014.