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Why the trucking industry needs speed limiters

Imagine driving along I-285 at 65 MPH and suddenly coming upon stopped traffic. In this type of scenario, even a driver with quick reflexes is likely to experience difficulty slowing down and stopping in time to avoid a collision. Now imagine that the driver in this scenario is behind the wheel of a 40 ton tractor-trailer truck.

Tips to avoid becoming a truck accident statistic

Atlanta area residents have likely seen news footage of or read about commercial truck accidents in which someone was seriously injured or killed. In the vast majority of these accidents, drivers or passengers of personal vehicles are the unfortunate victims whose lives are claimed or irrevocably and adversely changed.

Do you know what to do after a car accident?

It’s difficult to plan for the unexpected and a motor vehicle accident can happen any time an individual gets into a vehicle. When facing the grim realities like painful injuries, costly medical bills and lost wages that often result from involvement in a car accident; it’s important to understand one’s rights and options.