Georgia Aviation Accident Lawyers

We Serve Victims Throughout The Southeast U.S. and Offer Unmatched Legal Insights

Aviation provides freedom to travel and do business, but it is unforgiving of negligence in operation and maintenance. At the Stone Law Group, we have represented aviation accident victims and many families that lost loved ones to terrible tragedies involving both commercial and private aircraft. We have a network of world-class experts in all fields of aviation who assist us in constructing rock-solid cases on behalf of our clients throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

Our attorneys are not limited by state boundaries. With offices in Atlanta and Blakely, Georgia, our law firm consists of attorneys who are licensed in multiple states and capable of handling complex cases at all levels of state and federal courts.

Representation From Attorneys Who Are Pilots and Aircraft Owners

Attorney William Stone is a pilot and aircraft owner. His pilot training has provided him with rare legal insight into how the aviation system operates.

In addition to being a trained pilot, he belongs to and participates in organizations dedicated to aviation operation and safety. He subscribes to numerous publications that keep him informed of recent developments in aviation law, and our law firm stays on the cutting edge of the aviation system generally.

You Can Secure Financial Recovery For Past, Present And Future Losses With Our Help

A serious plane crash or accident can happen anywhere, anytime and under any conditions. Our team brings a wealth of experience litigating cases involving:

  • Airline crash disasters
  • Aircraft design and product defects
  • After-market product defects
  • Pilot error
  • Maintenance error
  • Air traffic controller error

We excel in complex cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death. If you wish to sue a negligent party on behalf of a loved one, we can help you understand your legal options and how our firm can help.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer With Such Specific Aviation Experience?

Aviation law consists of a complicated group of laws, treaties and court decisions. Accident claims can have very different results depending upon the individuals involved, the particular flight at issue, the location of the accident site and other factors.

Aviation accidents frequently fall under the jurisdiction of state, federal and even international law. Consequently, it is critical to retain attorneys who have the experience and in-depth knowledge to lead an investigation into the cause of the crash and to help collect the maximum recovery allowed under the law.

Your Case Is Prepared For Trial

We build every case we handle for success at trial. Our clients know that we are always prepared and that we have exhibited close attention to detail in the course of case preparations, negotiations and trial strategies.

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We handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which allows injured individuals and businesses access to legal representation and justice.