Was Your Illness Misdiagnosed?

For a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, appendicitis or meningitis, prompt diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between a full recovery and serious injury or death. If a medical care provider failed to diagnose your condition or that of a loved one, you may have legal options.

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Should My Doctor Have Diagnosed My Condition?

Doctors aren’t required to be superhuman. Sometimes a doctor can do everything he or she should and still not diagnose a serious medical condition in time for successful treatment. If your doctor made mistakes or missed signs of your condition, however, he or she may be liable for medical malpractice.

The following are examples of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis that may lead to a malpractice claim:

  • Failure to diagnose heart attack or stroke despite observable symptoms
  • Failure to diagnose melanoma despite the presence of suspicious moles
  • Failure to order appropriate tests for your age or medical condition
  • Failure to detect breast cancer on a mammogram
  • Failure of a lab technician to communicate lab test results to your doctor
  • Failure to refer you to appropriate specialists who could diagnose your condition

Your responsibility as a patient is to have regular checkups and to report changes in your health to your doctor. If your doctor failed in his or her responsibility to you as a patient, our attorneys will fight for all the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers will work with medical experts to review the care you received and determine if your doctor was negligent in failing to diagnose your illness or injury.

For More Information About Medical Misdiagnosis

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