Over $1.2 billion in verdicts and settlements, including:

Gates v. Goldstone (1985)

$1,250,000.00 Judgment Broward Co. Failure to diagnose impending cerebral aneurysm.

Associated Air v. Broward County Aviation (1990)

$5,600,000.00 Judgment USDC-SD Florida Wrongful termination of leasehold.

Estate of Sullivan v. Sullivan (1994)

$4,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Palm Beach County Civil Action for wrongful death by contract murder.

Cleveland v. Albany Urology Clinic P.C. et al. (1996)

$785,000.00 Jury Verdict Dougherty Co Physician’s fraudulent concealment/misrepresentation of his illegal drug use at the time he performed surgery on patient.

Clark v. Security Life Insurance Co. (1997)

$16,400,000.00 Jury Verdict Georgia ICO case involving conspiracy between Security and its reinsurers to engage in fraudulent scheme to sell unapproved, pseudo group insurance.

Malone v. General Motors, (1998)

$12,220,400.00 Jury Verdict Charleston Products Liability – seat belt failure resulting in quadriplegia and brain damage.

Johns v. Cherokee Trucking Company (1999)

$5,260,800.00 Jury Verdict Clay County Mild traumatic brain injury caused by dump truck collision. Defense only offered $250,000 on a 1 million policy.

James Sealey v. Fire & Casualty Ins. Co. (2001)

$1,959,150.00 Jury Verdict Duvall County Back injury caused by driver negligence. Defense refused to offer $25,000 policy limits.

Lee v. Kennestone Hospital, (2001)

$880,209.00 Jury Verdict Medical Negligence – failure to monitor Patient who bleeds to death post surgery.

Rucker v. Knight Trucking et al. (2006)

$250,000.00 Jury Verdict Clayton County State Court, Minor car accident

Confidential Settlements:

Business Intelligent Systems v., llc (2007)
USDC – WD Kentucky
Copyright infringement of software by car dealerships.

Chen v. Honda and BP (2007)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Product liability case for burn victim of engine fire after sideswipe by BP truck.

Davis v. City of Louisville (2006)
Jefferson Circuit Court, Kentucky
City’s negligent design of intersection results in death of motorcyclist.

Boydston v. Bombardier Aerospace Corporation. (2005)
USDC – ND Georgia
Aviation Crash/wrongful death of pilots and passengers resulting from negligent design of Challenger CL-600 aircraft.

Barovero v. Anderson Area Medical Center, Inc. (2005)
USDC – Anderson, South Carolina
Medical Negligence – failure to diagnose heart anomaly results in death of college athlete.

Matthews v. Honda (2005)
USDC – ED Kentucky
Product Liability case for negligent design of ATV which killed father of four.

Hatcher v. GM, U-Haul (2005)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Product liability action for defective truck and trailer rendering driver quadriplegic.

Smith v. Steinmetz, Beers Skanska Inc. (2004)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Catastrophic injuries suffered in car wreck caused by driver on cell phone.

Norberg v. Nationwide – Southeast, Inc. (2004)
Fulton Co. Superior Court, Georgia
Wrongful Death caused by Truck driver negligently driving in closed lane.

Layne v. Shands Hospital, (2003)
Alachua Co., Florida
Medical Negligence – death from radiation overdose.

Thomas v. Kaiser, (2003)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Medical negligence – birth trauma results in severely brain damaged baby.

Turpin v. Macon Aviation, et al., (2003)
Bibb Co. Superior Court, Georgia
Aviation crash/wrongful death due to negligent maintenance.

Washington v. Housing Assistance, (2003)
Fulton Co. Superior Court, Georgia
Premises liability/inadequate security – guest shot and robbed.

Henry v. Atlanta Gas Light, (2003)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Negligent gas repairs cause house fire, killing father and daughter.

Corradino v. Kuse Enterprises, Inc. (2002)
USDC – ND, Georgia
Aviation – Reckless helicopter pilot causes death of student pilot/father of four.

Dyke v. Candler Hospital, Inc. (2002)
Chatham County State Court, Georgia
Medical Negligence – failure to diagnose aortic dissection in brain results in brain damage to army officer.

Loveless v. Luna Laser Perfect Skin Centers, LLC (1999)
Fulton Co. State Court, Georgia
Medical Negligence – woman dies after elective out-patient surgery.

Collicott v. Haines Trucking Company (1999)
Polk Co., Florida
Wrongful death caused by truck.

Marchman v. GE, Sears Roebuck (1999)
USDC – ND Georgia
Product Liability – Negligent design/manufacture of refrigerator which started fire, killing 3 people.

Carver v. Greenview Hospital (1996)
Warren Circuit Court, Kentucky
Medical Negligence – pitocin overdose during childbirth brain damages mother.

Sylvestre v. Holmes Regional Hospital, (1995)
Brevard County, Florida
Medical negligence – failure to recognize neonatal infectious disease/hypoglycemia.

Chadwick v. Boyd et. al. (1995)
Fulton County, Georgia
Medical negligence involving improper treatment of cardiovascular compromise.

Hughes v. Cobb County (1994)
U.S.D.C., N.D. Ga.
42 U.S.C. 1988 action for failure of police to properly respond to Domestic Violence complaints by wife against estranged husband, who kills 2 daughters.

Diamond v. Ferrellgas, (1993)
Fulton County, Georgia
L.P. Gas explosion resulting from improper premises inspection by gas company.

Fugate v. Honda, Michigan (1992)
U.S.D.C., Michigan
ATV product liability action for brain injury to 10 year old child.

Venable v. Feighery Co. (1991)
Dalton, Georgia
Product liability death action for failure to design, guard and warn.

Taylor v. Rosabal (1990)
Dade County, Florida
Medical negligence due to improper surgical procedure, sponge retention and damage to sacral nerve roots, resulting in spinal cord injury.