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Have You Or Your Business Been Victimized By A Wrongful Or Unfair Business Practice?

At the Stone Law Group, we have experienced lawyers in Atlanta and Blakely, Georgia, who help businesses and individuals seek relief from financial harm caused by unfair business practices or wrongful conduct. We understand that each business environment is competitive, and so does the court, but there are many laws in the United States that are on the books to ensure that the business climate embodies a fair competitive environment.

If you or your business has suffered economic loss because of unfair commercial conduct, you may be entitled to compensation, for which you can sue.

Business Torts You May Seek Relief From

  • Breach of contract or tortious interference
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business fraud and racketeering
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Defamation
  • Other corporate wrongdoing

Most recently, our firm represented a whistleblower in a qui tam case against a pharmaceutical corporation that overcharged various government entities for one of its products. The case resulted in a $250 million settlement.

Some people think they are above the law or that the law does not apply to them. Our firm shows that corporations and unscrupulous individuals cannot just throw money at “problems” and expect them to go away. We hold responsible parties accountable for recklessness and wrongful acts.

Corporations, agents, brokers and others have fiduciary duties that they must abide by along with many state and federal regulations.

Multiple business tort claims could arise from just one incident or a string of related practices. It is critical that you speak with an experienced attorney about your legal options and further protection while we investigate your claim.

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We offer free initial consultations, and we have extensive experience handling complex business tort cases. We know the field, and we have the resources to dig deep for evidence.

Please email our firm or call us at 404-239-0305 to arrange a meeting with an attorney.

We handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which allows injured individuals and businesses access to legal representation and justice.