Potential treatments for spasticity

One of the more catastrophic types of injuries that may happen in a car or construction accident in Georgia is an injury to the spinal cord. Spinal cord lesions sometimes occur as a result of accidents, and the lesions can lead to a problem called spasticity.

Living with a spinal cord injury

The spinal cord acts as a sort of highway along which messages are transported to and from the brain to different parts of the human body. If damaged, messages carried via the nerve bundles that comprise the spinal cord aren’t able to transmit past the injury site. Consequently, depending on the location and severity of damage suffered to the spinal cord, an individual will experience partial to full loss of feeling and movement below the injury impact site.

Spinal cord injuries among the most debilitating of injuries

Imagine never being able to walk again, having trouble breathing on one’s own and forever relying on a wheelchair and the assistance of others to accomplish even basic everyday tasks. For individuals who suffer spinal cord injuries, their lives and those of family members are forever changed.