Car accident claims and Facebook

Car accident claims and Facebook

What you post on Facebook in the days, weeks and months after a car accident can come back and haunt you if you have filed a personal injury claim.

Insurance company adjusters routinely conduct social media searches on people who file injury claims. Anything you say to your friends on Facebook, Instagram or other sites can be used against you.

Here are examples of social media posts that can hurt you when you have filed a personal injury claim:

  • Posts to friends and family members that downplay the seriousness of your injury
  • Health updates that suggest your recovery is going better than it really is
  • Pictures of you going on vacation and enjoying yourself in the days immediately after an accident
  • Pictures of you engaging in physical activities that would be difficult to perform with your injury
  • Posting information about your accident that is different from what you told the insurance company

You may be keeping negative information to yourself so your friends and family members do not worry. However, the insurance company will view your posts differently. It will attempt to use your posts as evidence you were not really hurt.

It’s better to avoid posting on social media when you are involved in a legal case. If you do post, discuss those with your attorney.