Keeping motorcyclists safe from dogs that chase

Keeping motorcyclists safe from dogs that chase

Dogs who chase motor vehicles are a nuisance for people who drive cars. For a motorcyclist, they are a serious danger.

Learn how to protect yourself from collisions with dogs while you are riding.

How to avoid a dog who chases you

Dogs are territorial animals. If you drive past a dog’s home, you are encroaching on its territory. It may do more try to chase you away. It may try to bring you down. The more times you drive past a dog’s home, the more aggressive it may become.

One effective way to avoid a collision is to slow down when you see the dog approaching you. This will cause the dog to alter its angle of attack. Then, as the dog gets closer to you, smoothly accelerate. This will cause the dog to miss you every time.

Compensation for motorcycle accident injuries

There is no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident. If you collide with a dog or another vehicle while riding a bike, you are likely to be hurt and hurt badly.

In Georgia, dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pets. Damages such as medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering are typically covered by homeowners insurance.

To protect yourself, you should also increase the amount of UM/UIM insurance you carry. Many people who injure or kill bikers either do not have insurance or do not have enough to pay for your damages. UM/UIM insurance will protect you from drivers who do not have enough insurance to pay for your losses.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options.