Lost wages can be a serious financial issue after a car crash

Lost wages can be a serious financial issue after a car crash

Getting into a serious motor vehicle collision can quickly change your life. One of the areas that is often immediately impacted is your financial situation. There are a lot of potential expenses related to motor vehicle collisions. First of all, you need to worry about the cost to repair or replace your vehicle. Then, there’s the price of all the medical care you need for a full recovery from your injuries. Those amounts add up to billions in losses for American drivers each year.

However, that is not where the financial impact ends of an injurious collision. In fact, it may only be the beginning. In addition to incurring major, potentially ongoing, expenses, you will likely face the loss of a regular income while you recover. Many kinds of injuries can leave you unable to work, which can be a terrible problem for someone with an ever-growing stack of medical bills.

Many kinds of injuries can leave you unable to work

Depending on the nature of your career, there are a host of injuries that could preclude you from returning to work after an accident. For those who work in physical fields, such as construction, manufacturing or skilled trades, even broken bones and soft tissue damage could keep them out of work for weeks or even months. For those who work more intellectual or customer-related positions, some accommodation may be possible.

Those who do sales, data entry or similar work could potentially work from home or the hospital while they recover. People who work in customer service or offices could receive accommodations from their employer, like a first floor desk or a chair to sit in during work, that makes a return to work possible. However, more severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or multiple broken bones could leave you unable to work for the foreseeable future.

The person who caused the crash may be liable for your wages

If another driver is clearly responsible for the collision, you may have the option of holding that person accountable for your lost wages. In some cases, liability insurance policies will have sufficient coverage to ensure that you’re compensated for missed pay. Other times, however, the coverage may not be enough to offset your steep losses. In those situations, bringing a personal injury lawsuit may help you recover those costs.

Some situations have easily provable fault. If the other driver was texting at the wheel or failed a chemical test for alcohol or drugs, that could bolster your case. Footage from traffic cameras showing someone running a light or speeding can also help. Testimony from witnesses can also help establish fault in a serious car crash incident. Reviewing the police report and other official records of the crash can help you determine if you have a valid case for a lawsuit.