The expenses victims face when seriously injured in a crash

The expenses victims face when seriously injured in a crash

Car crashes cost the American people close to $1 trillion yearly, according to a study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2014. Despite the high cost, the number of roadway deaths have actually been reduced over time, leading to an all-time low of 32,675 in 2014.

As a parent with children, the fact that crashes take place at all is terrifying. You place your children in safety seats, but crashes cause serious injuries in many cases, no matter how many precautions you take.

The average cost of an auto injury claim for bodily injuries was $15,443 in 2013. Multiply that by the number of people in your vehicle, and you see why these crashes quickly add up. Add to that expense the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle, and you can add an average of $3,231 to the claim.

Read the fine print!

Normally, insurance covers the cost of injuries and damage in accidents, so long as the negligent driver has insurance or you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Despite this, it’s been shown by statistics that crash victims pay up to 26 percent of costs out of pocket.

Due to the discrepancy in compensation versus what you owe, it’s always important to discuss your case with your attorney to make sure you get a fair settlement for yourself and your family. You must project your costs associated with ongoing medical care, lost wages and other expenses, like traveling to appointments. Settlements may also include compensation for your pain and suffering.

Getting a crash report from the scene helps you make a claim for the amount you feel is fair. If the other driver was speeding or drunk at the time of the accident, this may help your case. Did you know that in 2013, 10,079 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents, and 9,613 people were killed in speeding-related accidents? There’s no excuse for a driver disregarding human life in a way that leads to death, especially in these easily preventable situations.

Get the most out of your claim

Other causes of injuries include driving while distracted, using a cellphone, being too tired to drive and running a red light. Some of these incidents are avoidable if you focus on driving defensively, but it’s not your responsibility to make sure other drivers obey traffic laws.

Your attorney has more information on what to do after a crash to get the most out of your claim. With proper support and evidence, getting the right settlement is straightforward and helps you focus on your recovery instead of the expense of the crash.