The real reasons for cargo tank rollovers

The real reasons for cargo tank rollovers

In Georgia and around the country, the threat of a cargo tank rollover exists. There are some common beliefs about what causes rollovers, but many of them are untrue. Statistics have been compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association that explain the reasons that most trucking accidents occur. Knowing why these accidents occur makes it possible to avoid them and their often serious consequences.

. More than 1,300 cargo tank rollovers occur every year around the country. Less than 4 percent of these are caused by night driving, rain, or curvy roads. Most occur during the day, on straight roads, and in dry conditions. Speeding is a factor in only 28 percent of accidents. Distracted truck drivers are a primary cause of cargo truck rollovers. Drowsiness and inattention are common reasons that lead to driving off the road and onto the shoulder or riding over a curb. The condition of the vehicle, such as defective brakes and the load size, are also common factors that contribute to rollovers.

Electronic stability aids can help drivers by alerting them if they turn a curve too quickly, warning of an upcoming sharp curve, or automatically slowing the truck. It has been shown that watching videos about rollover prevention works better than reading about it. The dispatchers and fleet managers influence drivers the most, and they can help to ensure the driver is rested and alert.

If negligent driving causes a cargo truck accident to occur that causes injury to another motorist, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help the injured victim. Legal counsel can assist in preparing and filing a lawsuit seeking damages from the responsible party.

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